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Infield Defense in PARTs: A Major Update to Defensive Runs Saved Coming Soon

A major update to Defensive Runs Saved will provide a better understanding of infield defense.

More valuable on D: Chapman or Baez?

With the two going head-to-head this week, it’s a question worth thinking about.

Stat of the Week: Who is May’s top defensive player?

Was our choice Cody Bellinger or Matt Chapman?

Stat of the Week: 2018 Year-End Awards

We’re nearing the end of the year, so this seems like an appropriate time to bestow some statistically-driven baseball awards for 2018. These will round out the awards already given by the BBWAA. Without further ado… The Hard-Hitter Award Baseball Info Solutions charting is such that every batted ball is deemed hard, medium or soft-hit, […]