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How Each Postseason Contender Could Build Their Rosters for October

A look at the decisions to be made for each of the postseason teams.

How does Justin Verlander have a .204 Opponents’ BABIP?

Verlander’s close to a “record” that has stood for more than 100 years.

MLB’s Best Positioned Infields

Teams like the Astros, Rays, and Dodgers are aggressive in their positioning of infield defenders. Which teams have been best positioned in 2019?

What’s been behind Justin Verlander’s great season?

Slider dominance and defensive dominance are going hand in hand to allow Verlander to outperform his peripherals.

3 Things That Won’t Happen Again For The Astros

The 2019 Astros are a little different from the 2018 squad, and a few things that helped the latter might not aid the former.

Which pitchers topped the command rating leaderboard for 2018?

Sports Info Solutions charts how good a pitcher was at hitting the catcher-pre-pitch target. Dallas Keuchel was atop the list.

Why not shift José Altuve?

By ANDREW ZENNER I was looking through our data to determine whether there were any hitters that may be strong “shift candidates” that are shifted against infrequently. One name stood out in my findings: Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve. Let’s look at whether other elements of our data support the lack of shifting for […]