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Props to consider for Tennessee at Jacksonville

Using SISBets and the SISDataHub to evalute what’s worthwhile tonight.


New podcast: Austin Hedges passionate about pitch-framing

The Padres catcher has lots to say on an important aspect of catcher defense.

How does Dallas Keuchel lead pitchers in Defensive Runs Saved?

Keuchel has a history of outstanding defensive work and 2019 is no exception.

SIS NFL Preview: Other Teams to Watch

What are the key factors to know for the Eagles, Giants, 49ers, Patriots, Bills?

SIS NFL preview: Vikings vs Packers

A couple of things to keep in mind for each team heading into Week 2.

SIS NFL preview: Browns at Jets

A look at the key factors to consider in this matchup.

SIS NFL preview: Saints at Rams

A look at the key factors to keep in mind for each team.