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The Rise of Minor League Defensive Shifts

We talk a lot about shifts at the MLB level. What about in the minors? Are they rising like they are in the majors? Are they are as common?

Michael Conforto the Met For Whom Beating the Shift Matters Most

Conforto’s numbers against shifts drag down his seasonal totals.

What we can learn from Rougned Odor’s bunts against the shift

Rougned Odor bunted against shifts far more than any other player. We watched them. Here’s what we learned.

Finding Candidates for a Four-Man Outfield

Four-man outfields may be more common in 2019. Which hitters are candidates to face the strategy?

Stat of the Week: Shifting is at an all-time high

As of this past Sunday, teams have shifted more in 2018 than in any other season.