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Which ‘Modern Era’ candidates are Hall of Fame worthy?

Using a Bill James stat, we can ascertain that 4 players on the ballot have a very good Hall of Fame case

Stat of the Week: Scherzer, Strasburg similarities

The career numbers for the two pitchers are nearly identical

Modeling the Subjective: 2019 Gold Glove Awards

We’ve created a way to try to predict the finalists.

The Nationals are a different team (and outfield) defensively

Victor Robles and Juan Soto’s defense has been huge for the Nationals.

Scouting the future: Japan’s top players who may get posted down the road

Looking at guys like Kohei Arihara and Masataka Yoshida who could be posted in future years.

How does Justin Verlander have a .204 Opponents’ BABIP?

Verlander’s close to a “record” that has stood for more than 100 years.

Which Crosstown Team Would Be Best?

If we merged the Mets
and Yankees, Cubs and White Sox, and Dodgers and Angels, which team would be best?