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The Cost of Defensive Mistakes

The Mariners started the season at a torrid pace, but were one of the worst defensive teams in baseball. How do our Defensive Misplays correlate with winning?

Breaking Down Plate Discipline by Pitch Type

Is Joey Votto’s greatness evident against both fastballs and breaking balls? Who else is that good?

The Orioles are fully embracing shifting

The Orioles have embraced it at a very high level … so far.

Visualizing Plate Discipline

We can put a number on plate discipline. But what does it look like? Where are hitters taking their swings, and how far do they extend their zones?

What is Strike Zone Runs Saved?

This is our method of telling you who is good at pitch framing and who isn’t.

What is Team Shift Runs Saved?

How do our Team Shift numbers work? What is good and what is bad when it comes to shifting?

Michael Conforto the Met For Whom Beating the Shift Matters Most

Conforto’s numbers against shifts drag down his seasonal totals.