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A closer look at the 2 best defensive seasons we’ve tracked

Andrelton Simmons and Kevin Kiermaier represent the best of the best.

How will injured players be impacted by the layoff?

What impact will the layoff have on some of the MLB players who were dealing with significant injuries?

Evaluating the best values in free agency by our Total Points metric

The really good buys seem to be coming on the defensive side. We explore the best ones using Total Points.

Fielding Bible Excerpt: Matt Chapman vs. Nolan Arenado

Who’s the better defender among these two outstanding players?

Q&A: Hall-of-Famer Ozzie Smith on Defensive Excellence

One of the best defensive players of all-time reminisces and educates in this excerpt from The Fielding Bible-Volume V

Why Paul DeJong Belongs Among MLBs Elite Shortstops

In this excerpt from The Fielding Bible, a surprise name emerges as a defensive standout.

Notable Updates to Defensive Runs Saved

By Brian Reiff Prior to the 2020 MLB season, Sports Info Solutions (SIS) announced major upgrades to its flagship defensive metric, Defensive Runs Saved (DRS). These upgrades centered around the incorporation of infielder starting positions in the calculations and the improvements that were consequently able to be made. Knowing where infielders started on the play […]