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Remembering Mike Mussina as a Hall-of-Fame Fielder

Let’s not forget how much Mussina helped his own cause on the mound.

New Off The Charts Podcast: Scott Spratt on Gordon, Pressure & The Panthers

Scott discusses his research, the Sports Info Solutions/Football Outsiders partnership, and more.

Jeff McNeil’s excellence is multi-faceted

A look at some of the qualities in Jeff McNeil’s game that make him distinct.

New podcast: John Dewan & Ben Lindbergh + Midseason Review

Our latest baseball podcast touches on history and the new book, The MVP Machine

MLB Leaderboard: Who allows hard contact least often?

Stephen Strasburg tops the rankings in this stat. There will definitely be some surprises on this list.

MLB Leaderboard: Who’s hitting it hard most often?

Cody Bellinger tops the list. One of his Dodgers teammates figures prominently as well.

New baseball podcast episode: Mike Ferrin wants to be Byron Buxton

In this episode of the SIS Baseball Podcast (click here to listen), Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) begins by marveling at Zack Greinke‚Äôs defense (1:05). Mark then talks to MLB Radio and Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Mike Ferrin (@Mike_Ferrin). Mike makes his case for the best team in baseball (3:25) and discusses how much organizations value defense in […]