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What’s been behind Justin Verlander’s great season?

Slider dominance and defensive dominance are going hand in hand to allow Verlander to outperform his peripherals.

Who can we combine into the best 5-tool player?

You’d need someone who could hit, hit for power, run, field and throw. Basically we’re asking: How do you build a Mike Tout?

Do fielders dive more when a potential no-hitter is on the line?

Jurickson Profar and Gregor Blanco made us wonder about this.

Home Run robberies are up … at least recently

5 HR robberies in the last 3 days prompted us to take a look at the season record, the current pace, and more.

Stat of the Week: Who is the World’s No. 1 Starting Pitcher?

Who is best? And who is moving up the list?

Using the Football Rookie Handbook to rate the Draft

The Titans and Ravens fared well. Others did not. Here’s a comprehensive look.

What has happened when 4-man outfields were used this season?

There has been about as much usage of the 4-man outfield in the first month of 2019 as there was in all of 2018. We take a closer look.