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The Rise of Minor League Defensive Shifts

We talk a lot about shifts at the MLB level. What about in the minors? Are they rising like they are in the majors? Are they are as common?

Mets moving away from the inside fastball

The Mets threw the highest percentage of inside fastballs in 2018. That hasn’t been the case in 2019.

Visualizing Shortstop Range

A visual look at the lateral range of baseball’s best and worst shortstops.

The Effectiveness of “Infield In” Defense

What do the numbers show about bringing the infield in?

Quantifying Aaron Nola’s Early Season Command

A look at what our command charting metrics say about Aaron Nola’s slow start.

The Cost of Defensive Mistakes

The Mariners started the season at a torrid pace, but were one of the worst defensive teams in baseball. How do our Defensive Misplays correlate with winning?

Breaking Down Plate Discipline by Pitch Type

Is Joey Votto’s greatness evident against both fastballs and breaking balls? Who else is that good?