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Could a shortened MLB season give us surprising contenders?

We simulate seasons of various lengths to gauge how many franchises have a legit hope to make the postseason

What to Expect Now That Shifts are Included in Defensive Runs Saved

Who was most and least valuable in shifts? Does being good straight-up mean you’ll be good in shifts?

Updated 2019 Infield DRS Leaders Using the PART System

Adjustments to our method of evaluation produced some very interesting results.

Some midseason updates to the Total Points calculation

By Alex Vigderman Over the course of the year, we occasionally find certain plays or players that highlight something that isn’t quite right in the Total Points System. Also, because there are so many data points to comb through, we sometimes wait a bit to include something because we aren’t sure what to do with […]

A Primer on Total Points, Our Total Value Stat for Football

An explanation of the stat that attempts to best assess football player value.

Cody Bellinger is Having a Plate Discipline Renaissance

Cody Bellinger’s numbers are amazing, and that goes beyond his Triple Crown stats.

March’s Most Interesting Team Was… the Marlins?

Why? Because of their significantly unusual shift usage vs the Rockies this past weekend.