New football podcast: Let’s talk 2nd-year QBs

Shining a lens on Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen.

Joe Panik: Not a big deal, however …

Perhaps there’s more to know about Joe Panik than his basic stats.

Who are the hottest teams and hitters?

The Mets and Astros are on major rolls.

More valuable on D: Chapman or Baez?

With the two going head-to-head this week, it’s a question worth thinking about.

New baseball podcast: Kevin Pillar talks about sliding, diving, and jumping catches

LISTEN HERE This week’s episode of the SIS Baseball Podcast highlights defensive excellence in the Bay Area. Senior research analyst Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) points out how well Chad Pinder has played recently, with help from Oakland Athletics coach Ryan Christenson (1:04). Then, Mark talks to San Francisco Giants outfielder Kevin Pillar (@KPILLAR4). They discuss the […]

Stat of the Week: Who were July’s top defenders?

Hunter Renfroe and Chad Pinder led the way.

Go Long! The Best Deep Passers In 2018

Deciding which QB was best at going deep in 2018.

How does Aaron Judge already have 10 Defensive Runs Saved?

The jury rules in favor of his performance.

New podcast: Kirk Gibson and Dan Brooks

New episode talks about changing swings, measuring the grind of the season, a great baseball analytics conference + more

The Indians defense is rocking and rolling

The Indians are one of the hottest teams in baseball. Their defense has played a big part