Off The Charts Podcast: 10 Questions, 3 Mics, Equal Time To Scouts & Stats

On this edition of Off The Charts, Mark Simon is joined by VP of Football and Research & Development, Matt Manocherian, Football Research Lead Alex Vigderman, and 2021 Football Rookie Handbook co-editor Nathan Cooper to preview the 2021 season.

The crew answers 10 questions about the upcoming season, with the statistical and scouting perspectives given equal time (to the second).

Questions include:

– Who will win the Super Bowl – a chalk pick and a sleeper? ()

– Who is the breakout QB and pass rusher for this season? ()

– Which team has the greatest variance in performance? ()

– Who will win Offensive & Defensive Rookie of the Year? ()

– Which player will be drafted No. 1 next year and by whom? ()


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