New football podcast: Week 9 preview, breakdown of No. 1 QB

Former NFL scout Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) of Sports Info Solutions and football analytics pioneer Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) of Football Outsiders (@fboutsiders) look at the most important games on the NFL Week 9 schedule. Matt and Aaron open with an in-depth breakdown of the Saints-Buccaneers matchup (1:51) before moving on to a look at the Ravens-Colts (9:35), Raiders-Chargers (13:46), and Dolphins-Cardinals (18:45). The show closes with a discussion between Matt and SIS Lead Football Researcher Alex Vigderman (@VigManOnCampus) on a new rankings list: The World’s No. 1 Quarterback (24:44).

You can email the show with feedback at and don’t forget to follow on Twitter @SportsInfo_SIS and Instagram @sportsinfosolutions. For more, check out:

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