Monthly Archives: January 2020

New football podcast: Super Bowl props and previews

Who do Matt, Aaron, and Corey think is going to win (and how)?

New football podcast: AFC/NFC Championship Game Review

Newest episode of the Off the Charts Football Podcast

A closer look at the Titans’ scoring tendencies

The Titans have an unusual ratio of touchdowns to field goals. How did that come to be based on their play calls?

New podcast: Conference Championship Preview

A look back at last weekend and a look ahead to this one.

Fielding Bible Volume V preview: The Twins defense

The Twins weren’t a great defensive team in 2019, but they have some positives in line for 2020.

New football podcast: Inside the Divisional Round

What will be the keys to this weekend’s games?

New podcast: Royals GM Dayton Moore on analytics, leadership, breaking into baseball

On the state of the Royals rebuild, what an MLB manager should know about analytics, knowing whether shifts work, and much more.