Monthly Archives: October 2019

The Nationals are a different team (and outfield) defensively

Victor Robles and Juan Soto’s defense has been huge for the Nationals.

What makes the Astros defense great?

The Astros don’t have a defensive superstar. But they have many very good defenders as you’ve seen this postseason.

SIS NFL Preview Week 7

A look at notable stats related to Derek Carr, Daniel Jones, Josh Allen, the Saints w/out Alvin Kamara, James White, and Sam Darnold.

How Good Is the Patriots’ Defense, Really?

The Patriots have been amazing so far. But is their defense REALLY the best in the NFL?

Top prop bets for Chiefs-Broncos

Options for LeSean McCoy and Travis Kelce are among the top props.

Scouting the future: Japan’s top players who may get posted down the road

Looking at guys like Kohei Arihara and Masataka Yoshida who could be posted in future years.

SIS NFL Preview Week 6

A look at notable stats related to the Viking’s star receivers and Christian McCaffey’s hot start to the season.