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New baseball podcast episode: Mike Ferrin wants to be Byron Buxton

In this episode of the SIS Baseball Podcast (click here to listen), Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) begins by marveling at Zack Greinke’s defense (1:05). Mark then talks to MLB Radio and Arizona Diamondbacks broadcaster Mike Ferrin (@Mike_Ferrin). Mike makes his case for the best team in baseball (3:25) and discusses how much organizations value defense in […]

Visualizing Home Runs by Pitch Location

A look at which pitch locations generate home runs, and how it compares to several years ago when the home run wasn’t as common.

New football podcast episode: Fantasy Workloads and Expected Completions

A look at workload projections and a new stat called “Predictive Completions.”

Ball off the Wall: Which outfielders make mistakes, which have not?

Who has the most misplays on playing balls off the wall? Who has made few or none?

When a sack is not scored a sack

Sacks are sacks, except when they are not.


We’ve added lots of statistics to the website. Come check it out.

A treetop view of what an MLB outfield needs

What should a team look for in 2019?