Monthly Archives: March 2019

What we can learn from Rougned Odor’s bunts against the shift

Rougned Odor bunted against shifts far more than any other player. We watched them. Here’s what we learned.

3 Things That Won’t Happen Again For The Astros

The 2019 Astros are a little different from the 2018 squad, and a few things that helped the latter might not aid the former.

Quantifying the Impact of Penalties

With pass interference now a reviewable call, we looked at the impact of different penalty calls

Which catchers get strikes at the top of the zone?

Robinson Chirinos has struggled to frame the high strike. Which catchers are best at getting strikes at the top of the zone?

Luis Avilan brings unique pitching approach

It is rare for a left-handed pitcher to throw a changeup to left-handed hitters. Avilan defies the norm.

Stat of the Week: Who were baseball’s top overachievers & underachievers in 2018

Mookie Betts, Giancarlo Stanton and A.J. Pollock are among those on our lists.

Athletics got an ‘A’ for their shift defense in 2018

The Athletics were among the best in the majors, even though they didn’t do it all that often.