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With Byron Buxton out again, let’s find his most statistically similar player

BY ALEX VIGDERMAN While on a rehab assignment for another injury this past weekend, Byron Buxton fouled a ball off his toe and suffered a hairline fracture, sidelining him again in what is quickly shaping up to be a lost season. We all love keeping track of the trials and tribulations of Buxton as a […]

The most interesting numbers from the NFL Draft

By KEEGAN ABDOO It was a fascinating and exciting NFL Draft, with twists, turns and plenty of interesting selections. What numbers were most telling to us about some of the top players selected? On Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield Baker Mayfield ranked first with a Passing Success Rate of 61% (out of 113 FBS Quarterbacks […]

Why does Bryce Harper have -5 Defensive Runs Saved?

By MARK SIMON Just like with offensive statistics, defensive statistics take time for samples to build up. But there was one number from the early-season metrics that I wanted to at least look at a little more closely – Bryce Harper’s -5 Defensive Runs Saved. Harper had saved 28 runs defensively in his first six […]

Top 5 QB Prospects: Performance by Throw Location

By KEEGAN ABDOO Here at Sports Info Solutions, we track the direction and throw depth of every throw made at the FBS level, as well whether the ball was catchable or not. A huge conversation this draft season has been about the top five quarterback prospects and how well their true accuracy was represented by […]

Who are the best outfielders at avoiding mistakes?

Continuing our look at the most mistake-free players in baseball, we focus on the likes of Alex Gordon and A.J. Pollock.

Limiting damage, improved walk rate keying Phillies’ success

By ALEX VIGDERMAN At least through the first third of the year, 2018 is shaping up to be the Year of Philadelphia. The Eagles finally won the Super Bowl, the Villanova Wildcats (admittedly merely a Philly suburb) won their second National Championship in three years, and the 76ers seem to finally be rewarding their fans’ […]

Who are the best infielders at avoiding mistakes?

By MARK SIMON A couple of weeks ago, we ran an article in The Athletic explaining our detailed scoring system for tracking Defensive Misplays and Errors. The piece focused mostly on those who were frequent mistake-makers, so we thought that we would share a look at the game’s best at avoiding defensive mistakes. We’ll do […]